Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Road Safety Community Park, Singapore

Located in East Coast, this road safety community park is a good platform for kids to learn about road safety. One could cycle, scoot, or walk in the park at designated road. There are road for pedestrian or people who cycle.

The park is free for all and the parking is also free. So quite a nice place to bring the kids for some exercise and a good learning platform as well.

Unfortunately, now the park is a bit not so well maintain so the traffic light is no longer in working condition. Kids can still play around but without the traffic light.

A mini "petrol station" to pump petrol
Add oil for my scooter.

Kids enjoyed the place and one could go to the nearby beach as well. There is also some restaurant slightly down the road to have a good meal after exercise. Thumbs up!

The Road Safety Community Park
East Coast Park Service Road
Singapore, 449889

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