Wednesday, 21 September 2016

SECOND HONEYMOON : 10 Days @ United Kingdom and Switzerland (Day 7)

On this day, we woke up at 6.45am, excited to explore the area as it is the first time both of us visited Wengen. It is already bright outside and we could see the snow alps just from our window. I could wake up to this view everyday!!!! So pretty!

Amazing view!
We basically just chill in the room, admiring the view at the comfort of our bed. We then showered and got ready for breakfast by 8am.

Breakfast is provided by the hotel (inclusive in the room charges which is great! everything in Swiss is so expensive)

I love the breakfast, there is quite a good selection and the quality of food is good. Plus, we get to enjoy the view while having our breakfast, definitely a plus point!

Breakfast...selection of bread
Love the cosy interior of the restaurant (there is ham, cheese, cereal, muesli)
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Soft boil eggs
Have a happy breakfast!
After breakfast, we went back to our room, got ready and took the 9 plus train to Klein Scheidegg.

Bye, see you at night my cosy room.
Our room
We walked around, watching people ski. Had drinks at one of the restaurant and admiring the view. 

Even little kids are ski-ing

I wish I know how to ski... 
Lots of people skiing

Enjoying myself!

View from the restaurant...
Coca cola tent
We wanted to go to Interlaken and Bern at around 11.30am but it was very windy and there is a small storm so all the train services are suspended until further notice. We had no choice but alight from the train and find something to eat instead.

We ended up having lunch at Restaurant Hotel Belleve. 
Hubby used his camera to take some video of the alps and record some of the windy snowing sound...
Hubby had ravioli(a type of pasta) and I had cheese rosti (potatoes). Both dishes are nicely done and really very yummy!

Cheese Baked Rosti
Selection of desserts which we did not try

By 1.30pm, the weather was a little better and train started to operate again. We took a train to Grindelward and then transfer another train to Interlaken OST. 

In the train...
Different class (first class, second class)

There is really nothing much in Interlaken, it is a small town. We walked around the lake and then took a train to Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen seems more lively with some hotels and restaurants. We stroll around for a bit, went and see the waterfall and then took the train back to Wengen at 5pm. 

I still prefer the town Wengen more than Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen. The view is better and there is snow! :)

Back to Wengen
We went back to the hotel to rest. After shower, we went walking around the pretty town once again and send some postcards back home!
Stamps for my postcard
All done
Postcard SEND! :)
Photo with our hotel!
We went back to the hotel around 7 plus just in time for the dinner. It is a good deal for guests as we get to top up CHF20 for a four courses meal. Considering how expensive the food can be, this is a steal. Plus the food served at our hotel is very good and we can go down at our comfort, without the need to venture out in the cold for dinner. We just need to inform the reception if we would like to top up for dinner latest by early in the morning. 

The hotel serves different food each day and the menu will be made known to guest one day earlier so the guests could decide if they would like to dine at the hotel for dinner. 

For today, the soup of the day is elderberry soup which is pretty unique. It is my first time tasting the soup, a little bit sourish. Very appetising!

Starter: Elderberry soup

Main course: Beef with couscous and vegetable
It was a very nice dinner, and we were very full by the end of it. Time to rest and recharge for tomorrow :)

SECOND HONEYMOON : 10 Days @ United Kingdom and Switzerland (Day 6)

Day 6

Today marks our last day in England. We will be taking a 2 hour short flight to Basel, Switzerland. We reluctantly woke at 5.45am, the bed in Hilton is really soft and comfy, beckoning us to snooze a little longer but we have a flight to catch.

The hotel helped us booked a cab the night before at a flat rate of 30 pounds to London City Airport which is 20-30 minutes away. We were surprised that instead of a normal cab, a Mercedes Benz is waiting for us outside the hotel.

It was drizzling outside and it was a nice ride to the airport. London City Airport is the only airport that is situated in London City itself. I would say a great choice for travellers like us to connect to Europe as we do not need to spend much time travelling out of London just to catch our flight. The airport is easily accessible with DLR which connects to London Underground!

London City Airport
Travellers checking out their flights details
To departure!
Flight was delayed for half an hour and we depart at 9am local time after having a warm breakfast at the airport. We reached Basel at 11.15 am local time (Swiss is one hour faster than UK).
Exit to Switzerland, France or Germany?
We had pre-booked our SBB Swiss Travel Pass before our trip so most train, buses and even ferry is included. We took bus number 50 to the train station (alight at the last stop) and went to catch our train at Platform 5. We had to run in order not to miss the train as the train ON TIME!

Tips: Travel light is essential as there are quite a number of stairs you need to walk at the train station etc...  We carry a small bag each and share a 24 inches luggage bag. If you do need to bring huge luggage bags to Europe, do allow extra time for travelling especially when taking trains, buses etc.

SBB Train
Happy me :)
Map of the snow mountain area on the train itself
Scenery along the way
We had to travel by train from Basel to Interlaken and then change to another train for Wengen. For the train connections, the SBB website offers good information. We just need to input the starting point and destination and they will work out the rest. Thus, a reliable 3G connection is essential so that we can check the train timing on the go.

By the way, did I mention that the 3G Sim Card that we bought off the wending machine on our first day in UK works in Switzerland. Apparently, Swiss is one of their "Feel at Home Zone" thus no additional charges for 3G network. We actually did not know this until we received an SMS upon reaching Switzerland airport stating that we could use the 3G network without additional charge. Really a good deal and we did not have to purchase additional sim card in Swiss! Happy us :)

Wengen is a car free town thus besides a few special car (own by hotel and some residents), tourists are not allowed to drive to Wengen. If you are considering to rent car, you have to park your car at Lauterbrunnen and take a train to Wengen. We thought it was a hassle so decided to take train for our entire trip in Switzerland.

A picture with our hotel
We reached our hotel at about 3pm. Wengen is a small town and our hotel is within walking distance from the train station. We do need to go down a small slope to reach the hotel. 

We booked for a mountain view room and were not disappointed.

Amazing view from room- I could just stay in whole day and look at the snow mountains!
Little bear
The cute teddy on our bed :)

Love the bedsheet design, pretty flowery
Close up of the flower bedsheets
We chill in our room, enjoying the view and went to explore this little town before dinner starts at 6pm. We choose half board accommodation for the first night as the food in Switzerland is generally pricey plus we read many good reviews on the food served in our hotel's restaurant. We paid addition CHF 20 per person for a 4 courses meal.

Wengen is indeed a charming little town and the fact that it is a car free town, one can walk around the town without much need to look for cars. There are still occasional electric car around so do look out for those!

Indeed, snow capped mountain is everywhere... a picture tells a thousand words.. Check out our photos below :)

Although it is snow mountain everywhere, the weather is actually quite nice and cooling (as compared to windy England). Probably the mountain blocks most of the wind, it is really comfortable strolling around without the need to find indoor sheltered all the time (like what we did in England)

Cute pinecorn...

Pick up some pine corn on the floor for my kiddos back home!
The train station at Wengen...
There is a Co-op in the town, selling some essentials and food item. We bought some titbits to munch!
Food from Co-op
We had our dinner at 6.30pm and a table is already reserved for us...

Nice ambience to dine in
Snow mountain view
The meal is really as good as reviewed and totally worth the CHF 20 that we paid for... I could not find fault with any of the courses. It is all perfectly executed.. Thumbs up!

We had wine as well as recommended by the waitress and it was good. Do note that the wine is not included in the meal, we had to pay additional for it...
Yummy soup
Beetroot salad housed in red cabbage
Roast lamb

Panna Cotta for dessert

After a hearty meal, we went back to our room, showered and rest!

Tomorrow we will be going to Klein Sheidegg, Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken: