Thursday, 1 December 2016

Rest 'N' Relax @ Desaru Tunamaya Resort & Spa (3 days 2 nights)

This year for the year end school holiday, after much consideration and pretty last minute, we decided to go for a rest and relax trip at Desaru.

We got some credits in our Agoda account so after using up the credits, we pay about RM 100 per night for Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort (as the Lotus Desaru and Pulai Desire are both fully booked)

Packing is only done the night before the trip after we finalise and booked. 

The essentials for beach holiday --- 
* Swimsuits
* Sunblock 
* Slippers
* Toys for playing sand
* Casual T-shirt and Shorts

We also brought along the kids scooter which they had fun playing :)

After lunch at Mount Austin, we drove to Desaru and reach about 2pm.

Lunch at Japanese Ramen Restaurant!

We have reached and greeted warmly by the staff. Check in was smooth and there is much less crowd here compared to Lotus Desaru.

Lobby area
Indoor play area just beside the lobby
We requested for high floor and got a room on the second floor (they only have maximum 3 floors and third floor are for premium room). We checked in to Room 410 and the view is good!

The view is good!
The room consists of two single bed and we requested a baby cot for the kids.
Baby cot for the kids
Besides the beach with water activities, there is also an adult pool adjacent to kids pool and a gym on top of indoor kids slide. 

We settled in and rest until around 4pm while snacking on some titbits, then we go down to the beach and play with sand and swing.

They found a coconut!
Such a happy girl...

Kids had fun at the bath tub after playing at the beach. Showered and went to Restaurant Terapung for dinner and fireflies tour.  
Loving this view...tranquility 
One part of the restaurant is on a boat so we choose to dine in this area for a change :)
Photo-ing while waiting...

Enjoying the view...
Dinner at the restaurant only available in set meal... we ordered a set meal for 2 persons (RM65)  and top up an additional egg and rice. 
Set meal comes with rice, freshly squeezed orange juice, tilapia fish, tom yam soup, deep fried squid, egg with onion and vegetable.
After the meal, we watched the ducks at a pond nearer while waiting for the fireflies tour to start at 8pm. We were the only ones who went for the tour as it is Monday night and not exactly peak period. The tour lasted about 30 minutes where the boat moves slowly in the dark while one other guy splash water on the tree so that the fireflies fly around and we could see them clearer. There are lots of fireflies and we even manage to catch some and admire them on our are really excited as this is their first time seeing fireflies. Justin was scared initially when we told him that we are going to see 萤火虫 during the trip. He scared that he will caught fire ... such a naive and cute boy!
          Fireflies trip cost RM20 adult and RM15 for kids 3-12 years old!
          GPS location for the Fireflies Tour Restaurant!
          1°33'42.8"N 104°10'58.5"E

         After the trip, we went home and kids were tired. So we rest for the day.

        SECOND DAY

         The next day we woke up around 9 plus and had breakfast about 10 plus. Breakfast is included in the room rates. They had Nasi Lemak (coconut milk cooked rice), sausages, baked beans, porridge, noodle ,various types of eggs, selection of bread and fruits.
Egg station

Juices, coffee and tea
Selection of breads

Porridge and condiments
After breakfast, we hit the pool. Although it was drizzling but we went for a swim anyway. There is a part of the pool which is covered so i stayed there most of the time. Haha! 
          We then  showered and have some snacks before going to Eco RM 2 shop to buy till our heart's content. The things are really quite cheap especially  kids toy so they had fun buying... we bought bubbles, kaleidoscope camera , slippers and some household stuff. All going at RM2.12 including GST.

For lunch, we went to Sungai Rengit for seafood. The road is under construction and coupled with rain, our car has turned muddy by the time we reach the restaurant. Food quality has dropped, the only nice dish is probably the steamed fish.
What we had at the restaurant (soft shell crab, vegetable and lemon chicken).
After lunch, we went back to hotel and kids play with bubbles, scooter and indoor playground. Then play at the bath tub again before dinner at Prata Shop.

Restaurant Rosmerah
We had some prata and fried noodle. After that went to Eco RM2 shop again. While daddy queue up to pay, the kids had fun at the coin-operated rides.
RM0.50 per ride

After that is sleeping time again.


Last day, kids requested to play bubbles once they wake up, so they play in the balcony.
Bubbles time again
Sunny day...
We woke up earlier today as it is our final day... went for breakfast....

and then hit the beach to play with sand....

My creation

After beach time, we went back to the room. Kids play with bubbles again and shower. We then checked out and drove straight home after lunch at KFC!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 11-FINAL DAY

Day 11 (FINAL DAY)

Time flies, today marks the last day of our 11 day 10 nights Melbourne Trip. 

When we woke up in the morning, the dryer spoil :( We are pretty panicked as we have washed one whole load of clothes and wanted to dry them before we do our final packing. We called the reception and after checking the dryer, they confirmed that it is spoilt. Housekeeping then helped us to dry our clothes using the hotel dryer and send us back the dry clothes in about 30 minutes. Kudos to the team!

We had a simple breakfast at hotel (juice, biscuit etc) to clear up the remaining food that we opened during the trip.

For brunch, we had to visit Manchester Press again. We missed the bagel, they are so amazing and coffee is great too!

Beverages menu
Cupcake for the kids...
I had the same strawberry pistachio bagel cause I really like it a lot!
Close up. look at the yummy berry flavoured mascarpone cheese
It was a weekday morning so there is basically no queue so we got a seat once we reached at 10.30am :)

Manchester Press- Highly Recommended:

We ate until 11.15am and walk around the city again before heading back to the hotel. We did not have chance to use the hotel facilities so we went and check out what facilities are available. They have heated pool and gym.

After checked out, we went to the Botanic Garden for a walk as there is still time before our flight.. There is a complimentary 1 hour parking by the road side near Gate D of the Botanic Garden.

Feeding the ducks with our remaining bread..
Nice blue sky..

We then return the car to the car rental company and took their van to the airport.

Back to the same bus stop where we waited for our car rental company's van on our first day!
We had a late lunch at Wok On Air and then we chill and wait for our flight home. We even manage to doze off a bit at the airport as our flight is still couple of hours away.

On flight, I manage to watch Zootropolis, The Transporter and London has Fallen as I had a good nap at the airport earlier. 

Kids meal..
Enjoying their meal...
Love the nice touch by Emirates with this instant camera for children!
We had a good flight and home sweet home!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 10

Day 10

It is almost towards the end of our holiday...Today is basically a free and easy day as we are all pretty exhausted from the travelling for the past week. There are still a few attractions that we could visit today (puffing billy, Werribee Zoo, Brighton bathing box, Heatherville Wildlife Park) but we just want to chill and have a slow day today, enjoying our last full day in Melbourne instead of rushing to tick off attractions off the list.

In the morning, we woke up at 9 plus, have a simple breakfast in the hotel, some yogurt,strawberries, biscuit, milk and orange juice...

Cutie taking a bottle of orange juice from the fridge on his own...
So cute to see this independent boy carrying one big bottle of orange juice all by himself..
I am gonna pour my own juice! *feeling accomplished*
After breakfast, we just laze around in the morning, watching TV and shower. We only got out of the hotel at 12.45pm, heading to The Hardware Societe for lunch. This cafe is also on the Must Go Melbourne Cafe list which we found online..

It was drizzling so we brought the hotel umbrella out...
There was a long queue today, as we are out late and it is Sunday...We only manage to get a seat at 1.30pm.

After a long wait, we are finally seated..

The review online is really good but we are pretty much disappointed with the food. 

We had the baked egg which is one of their speciality but I find that it is nothing special and the sausages inside the baked egg is a little too salty for my liking...

Baked egg with bread
We also ordered poached egg with mushroom, this is probably the best dish we ordered today. Flavourful mushroom with nicely done poached egg.

Salmon with poached egg is all right but nothing fantastic...
Salmon with poached egg
Coffee is good, luckily
Overall, we are a little disappointed cause the review online is really good and the price is higher than the other cafe in Melbourne city so we are expecting a better quality of food. We are satisfied with the coffee and poached egg but baked egg is a no no for us. 

We finished our lunch at 2.15pm and we hop over to Budan Brother Cafe for another cup of coffee. The cafe is really small with very limited seats so we just took away a cuppa coffee. The coffee here is not as good as the one served at Manchester Press or The Hardware Societe, so we are a bit disappointed. 

We walked leisurely around the city centre which we have not explored properly since arriving here 2 days ago.

We went back to the hotel at about 3pm for the kids to nap. Meanwhile I went to H&M again to do some shopping. 

At 5pm, we woke the kids up and head over to our secondary school mate house. They have moved here couple of years back and settled down in Melbourne so we paid them a visit and had a wonderful evening chatting away. Kids also had fun playing with their children. 

Time to play...

Love this cute photo!

We went home about 11 plus and packed our stuff as we are heading home tomorrow! Time flies....

Final day: