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Kuala Lumpur Getaway October 2014--- Colmar Tropicale and KidZania (Part 2)

13th October 2014

Today we will be hitting KidZania. I have heard many great reviews about this place and now that my kids are a little older (2 years old and 3 and 1/2 years old), it is time for us to bring them to visit.

After a quick breakfast of biscuit, milk and cheesecake (leftover from yesterday), we are on our way to KidZania.

Located in Petaling Jaya, just 10-15 minutes drive from our hotel, we reached KidZania at about 11.30am.

We were greeted warmly by the Air Asia check-in counter where we bought our "tickets". We were then given a wrist watch which is our ticket to a fun-filled day.

When we scanned in, it is like how we check in for flight. The counter will take note of how many people go in a group (e.g.: 2 adults and 2 childrens) and you can only check out with the same amount of people, this is to ensure that kids doesn't leave the building on their own.

Our wrist watch for entry
The kids were also given a cheque with the amount of 50 kidzos (currency in Kidzania). First stop is to cash in the cheque at CIMB bank for kidzos.

Cashing cheque
Main concept here is that with the kidzos, the kids can enjoy some services (manicure, make up, learn painting etc) and by doing so, they will use up their kidzos. Once the kids ran out of money, they have to work to earn them (working as fireman, police, lawyer, doctor etc).

If you earn enough kidzos, can even buy toys in "kid's only departmental store", adults not allowed to go in.

Each "shop" has a board outside and will indicate the duration of the activities and how many kids they can accommodate each time. Will also indicate the age of kids who are suitable for that particular activity. So parents and kids can choose which activity they wanna do.

Fire engine full of mini fireman
First activity is as builder. Kids help to build sponge-like blocks....

Listening to instructions
Start working
Their first hard-earned money!
Kids were happy with the money they earn and they even gave me part of their money to me as they promise to reward mummy once they started earning money. So sweet of them!

After some hard work, time to pamper ourselves with a makeover and manicure...

But little boy didnt really want to play anymore... probably a little scared, only want to stick to me and wait for jie jie outside the glass door.

Jie jie happily proceed to painting class...

Little artist at work

Proud of her work
1.30pm--Time for lunch. We ordered some food from the mini stall inside KidZania and while waiting for food, girl girl took the chance to make a mini pie ...

Little chef
After lunch, time to make some pill....

Wearing gloves
Vitamin Institute
Pharmacist mummy and pharmacist girl girl
Listening tentatively.
Earn kidzos and get a bottle of Vitamin C too!!!
By 2.30pm, little boy already a little tired, almost time for his milk and nap. So, i bring him to play in toddler's play room which he enjoyed a lot (played for 45 minutes or so).... i guess for kids 2 years and below, they are not so suitable for the activities as parents are not allowed inside the activity room. They prefer to play with toys in playroom and parents can rest too as they are quite a number of comfortable sofas around.

Didnt manage to take pics in the children's room but the children's playroom is well equipped. There are a super huge kitchen with lots of utensil, some toys in the living room with some soft toys, a huge pool of balls and a huge air bed for kids to jump. 

While boy boy is playing, girl girl continue with activity.

Making vitagen.

Becoming surgeon for a day

3.40pm--After playing and drinking milk, boy boy fall asleep soundly on the couch.

Meanwhile, jie jie busy learning cat walk.

Superstar in the making
Learning catwalk
After modelling, jie jie is exhausted already. Decided that she doesn't want to do any more activities.. so we went for face painting and she loves the cupcake pic...

Love it!
And make herself a bracelet.

Paying full attention
By now, it is 5pm and time to check out from KidZania :) The kids had fun. Hubby and me are exhausted but it is all well worth it,

5pm-time to check out
Meet my friend LM for lunch at Mamma Mia Restaurant near our hotel. Food is reasonable good. Had good conversations and catch up over dinner.

Reached hotel at 8plus and after shower , the kids fall asleep a while after that. Must be exhausted after playing the whole day.

14th October 2014

Final day and it is time to go home. Woke up at 9am and after a quick breast fast (biscuit and vitagen), we checked out. 

Will be having brunch at "The Good Batch". Saw this brunch place at Facebook .. i think something like 10 Best Brunch Place in KL, so decided to give it a try. 

Parking is difficult to find as there are many eateries along the road.

Inside the restaurant
Coffee machine
I had a cup of cappuccino to start is good but not fantastic.
Kids had Ang Moh... Scrambled egg, grilled mushroom, grilled tomatoes, sausages, potatoes and baked bean. This is quite good and the kids ate quite a bit...
Ang Moh, RM 24.90
I love my Portobello Road. Soft and runny poached egg and a huge grilled juicy portobello mushroom on top of crispy hash brown... perfect combination.. I love how all the eggs are perfectly poached... sinful but good!
Portobello Road, RM 22.90
Hubby love his Norwegian Salmon but he commented that it is a little too small for him. Smoked salmon and perfect poached egg on top of this super soft bun, served with a bed of salad....another win!!!!
Norwegian, RM 21.90

Enjoying their meal
Food is good, but on the pricey side. Spend about RM 110 for 3 sets and 2 coffees...

After brunch, we drove all the way home.

Great trip!!!!

Kuala Lumpur Getaway October 2014--- Colmar Tropicale and KidZania (Part 1)

We had been to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia a couple of times so wanted to do something different this time round. Our initial plan was to go watch turtles in Terengganu or Cherating, but the car journey there is quite long and we only have a couple of day for this getaway so decided to go KL instead.

Intially, the plan is to travel to Colmar Tropicale and stay one night there. Then travel to KL and stay 2 nights. Later on, decided to just stay all 3 nights in KL so that we don't need to move our luggage around. Plus, Colmar Tropicale is about an hour away from KL so we could do a day trip from KL. KidZania is situated in Petaling Jaya so we decided to try out Hilton Petaling Jaya...

11th October 2014

Departing JB at 9.30am, we began our journey...30 minutes down the road, little boy fall asleep and he only wakes up 2 hours later so we had a pretty peaceful trip. 

Halfway through, little girl commented "Mummy, I am very happy we can go to KL"... that is so sweet, kid's happiness can be so simple :)

By 11.30am, little girl also fall asleep after looking out the window for most of the journey. She slept for 1 hour and 15 minutes before we reach our lunch destination.

Our first lunch will be at this seafood restaurant at Port Klang. Hubby ate there before and he said it is nice so we are gonna give it a try. 

If you are travelling from the south (JB, Melaka etc), exit 602 Ebor (U). Then turn right at the T-junction. Go straight until reach Lebuhraya Plus (Klang). Follow the signboard to Pelabuhan Barat, all the way straight and then turn left when you see a overhead bridge above you. Continue straight and then take the right lane (don't go up to Pelabuhan Klang). Now, there will be a signboard for the restaurant and just follow it...

Or you could just use the GPS coordinate 2.990176, 101.399667

Most of the tables are occupied
Watching mini crabs crawling below..
Kids enjoy watching the mini crab crawling...
Many mini crabs
Also spotted a huge lizard
Fishing village
Restaurant on GPS

We ordered Seafood porridge, salted egg slipper lobster etc...Food are generally good here.

Seafood porridge. Flavourful porridge with generous amount of seafood-slice fishes, clams, prawn, squid, salted egg and century eggs. This is one of their signature dishes here, almost everyone has a pot of this on their table.

Seafood Porridge, RM 35.

Close up to Seafood Porridge
Stir fry vegetable- this is "qing long" vegetable- not sure whats the name in English though, one of  my favourite vegetable.
Vegetable, RM 12
Salted egg crayfish.. super yummy. Crayfish meat coated in salted egg... and best of all, shell has been removed so every mouthful is just full of meat and salted egg....

We love this so much that we ordered a second serving.

Salted egg crayfish, RM 30
Spare ribs with curry leaves... soft and juicy ribs with a tinge of spiciness... yum!
Spare ribs with curry leaves, RM 15
Happy us after a good meal!
Great meal! Leave the restaurant full and satisfied.
After lunch, we continue our journey and reached our hotel at about 3pm. Check-in is relatively fast and the room is spacious well equipped with iron, hair dryer and in-room safe on top of the usual basic amenities.

Shower head is good, they have 2... one removable and the other is the type that place on top of your head... but no bath tub though for deluxe room.

Free parking within the hotel basement and there are quite a couple of shops nearby for food etc (e.g.: Giant, Secret Recipe, KFC, Subway, 7-11)
Comfortable bed
Toilet and bathroom
Coffee and Tea making facilities
Grace baby cot

Few things worth mentioning:

Housekeeping is super efficient. We made a few requests- baby cot (did i mention they provide Graco baby cot?), additional pillows (they have a few types to choose from to) etc... and the housekeeping staff reach our room with our requested items within 30 minutes... and i am impressed. Once, we accidentally press on DND button while we were out and when we came back, obviously the room wasnt made... we made a call and housekeeping staff came quickly and help us tidy up the room. Thumbs up for their housekeeping staff.

The shower gel is super good!!! They actually use PeterThomasRoth brand and it is really very moisturising and smells nice too! First time i am impressed with shower gel provided by hotel! Another thumbs up!

Peter Thomas Roth Toiletries
However, we were quite disappointed that they only provide adult pool. So no kids pool for our kiddos to play.. and no kids club too... 

Playing around while daddy and mummy settle in
He loves the toilet!!!
The kids played while i un-pack.... at about 4.30pm, we went to 1Utama to walk walk and have dinner. We had dinner at Chili's. It serves Mexican-based food and i think it is not too bad. Free kids meal as well.... even the kid's fresh milk is free flow...

Kids meal-Sausage bread with fries, FOC
Spicy chicken which is real spicy and super crispy.. hubby love it!

Spicy Crispy Chicken, RM 28.95
Beef quesadillas, doesnt look appetising but it is actually quite good. Melted cheese with well cooked beef, taste good with the accompanying sour cream and tomatoes dip...
Beef Quesadillas, RM 31.95
Saw that 1Utama features this Secret Garden with some plants... wanted to take a look but not so nice.. the place is quite dark at night with minimal light... kids are scared so decided to give it a miss.

Went back hotel to rest as the kids are tired today. After the kids sleep, daddy and mummy had KFC as supper...

12th October 2014

The next morning, after a good night sleep, we woke up at almost 9am. I love holidays cause we can sleep late and no rush... we don't like to set alarm and rush here and there... love how we can take our own sweet time and just slowly enjoy... that is why it is called "holiday" and not "work"... 

Hubby went to "mamak stall" opposite the hotel to takeaway some roti prata for breakfast. After breakfast and shower, we got out from hotel at almost 11am.

There is this new implementation and changes in road just outside the hotel today! Aren't we lucky?!!
So traffic jam.... OMG! But we still manage to make it to Bukit Tinggi in an hour time... so not too bad!

Our first stop is the Animal Farm... We spend about 45 minutes here. Entrance fees is RM 3 for everyone except those under 2 years old who gets to go in for free. In here, you get to feed rabbits, deer, and guinea pig. The feeds can be purchased at the ticketing counter for RM3 per packet...

If you wanted to go for a donkey ride, you can do so for RM 6... i think prices are quite reasonable here.

But i realise that the rabbits are not so keen to eat... i think they are pretty well fed or maybe they are sick of the "feeds"....well, you have to do trial and error, go to the rabbit and deer who are more hungry! Haha!

The farm is open 10am-6pm from Monday to Friday and from 9am-7pm on Saturday, Sunday and PH.

Feeding the deer

Feeding deer
Feeding rabbits

Feeding guinea pig
Our little scaredy cat touching rabbit
Girl girl had been wanting to go for a donkey rides after watching Hi5 on TV... so now that we had the chance, it is time for donkey rides!

Very proud girl
Little boy on the other hand, also always says wanted a donkey ride when watching TV, but now when he gets the chance.... he is scared... i think it is the scared 2 years old period.. i recall that girl girl also very scared of almost anything when she is around 2 years old.. but now that she is 3 years plus, no longer scared of everything.... so we just gonna work pass this period for my boy.

A little scared
Although scared but manage to smile when posing for photo!
There is also an outdoor playground and indoor playground for the kids to exhaust their bursting energy!

Outdoor playground
Indoor playground
After the Animal Farm, our next stop is Colmar Tropicale , the famous French Village. The architecture is based on a French Village in North-Eastern France called Colmar.( Note the similarity in the design....

Colmar Tropicale
Entrance... note the similarity to Colmar Town in France
Entrance fees is RM 12 for adult. Kids under 3 years old are free. The entrance fees include Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Garden and Botanical Garden. 

We had a late lunch at Le Poulet Roti at the French Village at 2.15pm. Was raining when we reached so had to double back for umbrella....

Food are ok, nothing spectacular...good enough to fill our stomach.
Black Pepper Roast Chicken
Roast chicken
While daddy finishing up his food, i bring the impatient kids to walk around and stumble upon a mini amusement park. So they get a ride :) See the happy faces, waving at me every time they see me...  
Happy with their rides
After daddy finishes his lunch, we climb up the observatory tower.. 

Picture from the top
After exploring the French Village, it was about 4pm, time for boy boy afternoon milk time. After milk, he fall asleep, so daddy accompany him to sleep in the car while girl girl and me make our way to Japanese Garden.

It was a long and steep way up so be prepared... after bracing though lots of uncountable staircase, we have to walk up a steep slope to reach the Japanese Garden.
Japanese Garden this way please
Jap Garden
Took the opportunity to let girl girl try on kimono. Rental of kimono is RM 20 per person (adult or children),  and she looks so kawaii in it.. .so took a lot of photo to maximise the rental... after you rent, can take photo inside the Jap house and the surrounding garden, pond etc..

Some other tourist also take pic with girl
This is how it looks like at the back
Unfortunately for us, rain started to pour and we ended up stuck in the Japanese House cause it was so heavy that we will drenched even with umbrella....and lots of people got stuck too... it rained for over an hour... :(

When the rain subside at 6pm, we walk down to the carpark after purchasing an umbrella, cost us RM 20... was flooding after the rain so got to walk really slowly.... then halfway saw hubby coming up to pick us.. so sweet of him.

Everyone is cold and hungry so went for dinner at Restaurant Foon Lock in Bentung Village, Kampung Bukit Tinggi. Was tired so gobble down the food without taking any pictures. 

We had Cat fish, sweet sour pork, vegetable, papaya soup with rib, coconut drink, tea .. everything came up to RM 77, good food and reasonable price!

Drove back after dinner and reached hotel at 8.30pm. After a good shower, the kids sleep... Hubby and me had some Secret Recipe cake for dessert while watching drama together.

Tomorrow's plan will be visiting Kidzania... Night!