Friday, 9 June 2017

Family Trip 2017 @ Cameron Highland, Malaysia (Day 3)

Today is our first full day at Cameron Highland. We woke up at 8.45am, showered and had some bread in the room.

Our first stop is Kea Farm Morning Market which is located near Equitorial Hotel. It is open daily in the morning until early evening. 

Our main agenda is to buy some vegetables, sweetcorn and sweet potato for tonight's steamboat. We also bought some strawberries as it is very cheap. 5 boxes of strawberries for RM 20 only! 

Sweetcorn prices varies between 10-17 sweetcorn for RM 10 ( do note there are different varieties of sweetcorn at the market hence the different in price, so choose the one that u like).  Vegetables' prices differ between stalls. If you would like a mix of vegetable, there are some stalls that sell 7 different type of small packets of vegetables for RM 10. 

Morning market time

Strawberry coated with chocolate. 3 sticks for RM 5
There are a couple of stalls selling cooked food so we bought some sweet potatoes ball , deep fried oyster mushroom, steam sweetcorn and strawberries dipped chocolate. Part of our breakfast is settled at the market ....

Next stop will be strawberries picking experience. Mei and her hubby, Bao picked strawberries before when they visited Cameron Highland for their honeymoon. As for the rest of us, it is our first time.

There are many strawberries farm around Cameron Highland and we went to Kok Lim Strawberries Farm. 

We paid RM 120 for 8 adults to enter (kids free) and includes 4 boxes of 500g strawberries which we can pick on our own. 

The farm is huge but road are quite narrow and steep. We had to look out for the kids as we are worried they will fall down. Definitely not children friendly and no stroller inside. 

(If you have young children, would suggest to pick strawberries at Lavender Garden. It is much safer and the strawberries are closer to ground, making it easier for young children to pick, plus the price is cheaper, RM 10 for 200g of strawberries)


Time to pick some strawberries
I pick one too!
This is MINE!
Pretty colour..

As requested by the little girl..
Everyone is satisfied and tired after the picking!Not an easy job especially with so many kids!
Kok Lim Strawberries Farm
Handsome YY
All are famished after picking strawberries and climbing up and down the farm....Hence, we headed to Capitale Coffee for lunch plus toilet break...
Playing while the adults figuring out what to eat...
Which cake do you want?

Photo taking while waiting for food
Family shot..
Loving his expression
I love fries...
Most of the food we ordered are not bad (Burger, fish and chips, pizza and pasta)... the only misses is the Cordon Blue. 

Their coffee is quite good and we enjoyed the coffee a lot. Cakes are just so so... overall, food is quite good and price is reasonable. However, the food is served rather slow so be prepared to wait for a bit for your food. 

Cordon Blue
Selfie with Hannah
After lunch, we went to Cactus Point to see see cactus, free entry. We also bought a cactus home as souvenir. 


Cactus Point
Siblings' shot
Ting and her family
So sweet...

Pretty cactus
We then went back to the hotel for the kids to nap. While they nap, hubby and me went for a slow jog/walk around the hotel. 

After a jog, we helped to prepare the vegetables for tonight's steamboat. 

When Jaclyn woke up around 6pm, I bring her over to Shasta Suite to look for grandma and have some porridge. On our way , we went to the strawberries farm at the hotel ...

Very nicely grown...
Happy.. with her just woke up look..

Dinner time- kids have some porridge while adult have steamboat...
Dinner time...

Fresh vegetables steamboat...
Colouring time to entertain the kids
And there concludes our second day at Cameron Highland...

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Family Trip 2017 @ Cameron Highland, Malaysia (Day 2)

Today we will be on our way to Cameron Highland for a 4 days 3 nights stay....

After a good night sleep, we woke up at 9am and had breakfast in room. Kids ate bread while hubby and me had some instant noodles. We then showered and checked out at 11am. 

Meanwhile, my parents and sister's family woke up earlier and started their journey around 7am from Johor. 

Toy from a stop at highway, very happy
I also bought some toy from Mr DIY yesterday night for the kids to colour during the trip.
We drive up to Ipoh for dim sum as our lunch. Restaurant Foh San is very well known and been around for many years. They have renovated since the last time I visited. Dim sum is not bad another are some special items like mushroom bun which is pretty looking. 

Restaurant Foh San, Ipoh

Deep fried yam with fillings

Cute looking mushroom bun
Peace! Yummy lunch..
Photo with grandpa
Meanwhile, my other sister and her family went for some yummy  Yong Tao Hu at this famous stall under the "Big Tree"

After lunch, we took the Simpang Pulai way to Cameron Highland. 

There is a few roads that one can take to Cameron Highland. From the south, it is actually nearer if we take the road from Tapah but the road is very narrow so we usually drive slightly further up to Simpang Pulai and drive from there. The condition of the road is much better even though it might be slightly further.

Roads to Cameron Highlands

We reached Strawberry Park Resort at 4pm and checked in. For Malaysian there is a promotion for the room price and voucher are given to us. Since we did not plan to dine in the hotel , the hotel staff help us offset 50% of the voucher from our room bill.

Total we paid RM 3045 for one Shasta Suite (good for 6 adults) and one studio room (for 2 adults) for 3 nights stay. 

The hotel staff gave us a paper for us to display on our car during the stay. We requested for baby cot and they are quite efficient. Our baby cot arrived in our room before we reach our room. 

I requested for high floor so we gotten the top floor for all our rooms. The Shasta Suites (Block E) and Studio Room (Block F) are located at different block, but the staff did make an effort to give us the nearest block. 

Studio room
Handsome YY

Cousins :)
Chilling out at Shasta's Suite's living area
After checking in, we showered the kids and then went to hotel playground to play...

Hubby enjoyed his cuppa tea while I bring the kids out to play...
Nice flowers

Happy kids...
Playground time..
Grandma is as excited as the kids...
Big kid and small kid...

For dinner, we went to Restaurant Ferm Nyonya.

We had steamed fish, sliced ginger beef, FuRong egg, tofu, sweet sour chicken , stir fry cabbage and another vegetables. Food is halal and we spend RM 233 for 8 adults and 5 young kids.

We wanted to walk around the area to see see the malay stall but all closed already when we finish our dinner. So went back to the room, kids went to Shasta Suites to play with their cousins which hubby and me showered. Then we pick the kids up at 10pm to sleep...

Tomorrow we will be visiting Kea Farm Market, Kok Lim Strawberries Farm, Cactus Point plus lunch at Capitale Coffee: